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melting.lu, the official webpage of “Melting Pol”

….aka Paul Schumacher was born in 1965 in Luxembourg (Europe) where he lives and works

“VeeJay” since 1995

NB: « VeeJay » stands for a video artist who is mixing film sequences in real time. The sequences have been previously searched for, shot and preselected and then projected on big screens. The « mix » of images, often arranged around one leading theme, vibrates to the rhythm of a DJ music performance or to the live music of a band.

The first appearance as an artist is marked by several video documentary projects for theatre performances, concerts and different art exhibitions. Beside, Melting Pol was also noticed during his (ir)regular participations at shows such as concerts, festivals or techno parties for his live video projections as he literally dresses up the screens during his performances. At this time he was a pioneer in this new art form, the « VeeJaying », until now he still likes to do visual performances together with all kinds of DJ’s and musicians.

In order to reach further, while remaining faithful to his vocation as a VeeJay, he often collaborates with musicians from different borders (techno, house, drum n’bass, jazz, rock,…) as well as artists from other disciplines on specific projects for art galleries, cinemas, theatres, etc. Thus the live video performances represent original productions around a particular theme or subject where the atmosphere or the visual frame is mostly created with the help of several video and slide projectors and television sets.

Originator, conceiver and producer of his own audiovisual shows, which have as a starting point the music with a specific succession of the musicians, combined with VeeJay-performances. In these multidisciplinary events slide projections and/or live painting take an additional part. For the most part, these interactions between the artists (music-music, music-video, video-airbrush, airbrush-music, music-slides, slides-airbrush, airbrush-paintings, etc.) take place in real time and contribute to the exchange between the artists. « Melting Session 4 » took place at the Philharmony of Luxembourg in December 2009, this common project with the release of the « Bloe Baaschtert » CD sampler : « The Cell(o)division » was sold out weeks before the date. The last event of this series, « Melting Session 5 » with 10 musicians and more than 20 dancers took place in january 2015.

Installations and exhibitions since 2001

His artistic career is marked by a vast number of projects and requests bringing him to different horizons such as the video installations: often combined with other disciplines and materials like lighting projects. He was also initiating and creating a number of group exhibitions.

Unlike the video, which at 24 images per second is fleeting in its very nature, stone sculpture and its enduring nature has seduced the artist after 15 years of experience in video making. He has started an ambitious project in this new medium. The first stages of realizing « Lapidarium,» research included, began in 2008 and continues up to the present moment.

Film business since 2004

He works also in the film-business as location scout, location manager for feature films and as production manager for documentaries and short films mainly for the Luxembourg-based production company Samsa-Film.

Plemm Plemm Soundsystem since 2010

His love to music in general, especially for Reggae music, Melting Pol forms since 2010 together with DJ Steve R.I.O.T. and Carlos aka TiVi the "Plemm Plemm Soundsystem". They follow a multitude of engagements in different places beside their own events organised mainly in the Beaufort based club "The Flying Dutchman".

Videomapping since 2014

Pol is following the new trend in video projections in his latest projects, the videomapping, projecting on 3D-objects, buildings,...

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VeeJaying - collaborations with DJ’s & other artists :

International : Sven Väth (D) - Westbam (D) - Monika Kruse (D) - Chris Liebing (D) - Moguai (D) - Tomcraft (D) - Mark Spoon (D) - Miss Yetti (D) - DJ Karotte (D) - DJ Donna Summer (D) - DJ Taucher (D) - DJ Roger 23 (D) - TT Hacky (D) - DJ Lancelot (D) - Jazzanova (D) - Ricoloop (D) - Dictaphone (F) - Josia Loos (D) - NU UNRUH (Einstürzende Neubauten) - Aronas (NZ-GB) - Les Tambours du Bronx (F) - DJ Rush (USA) - DJ Spooky (USA) - Ed Rush (UK) - Ken Ishi (Japan) - Space DJZ (UK) - Dave Angel (UK) - DJ Paul Edge (UK) - DJ Maxwell George (UK) - Miss Kittin (F) - The Hacker (F) - Kenny Loco (B) - DJ Lucca (CZ) - Michael Burian (CZ) - DJ Remy (NL) - DJ Ron v.d. Beuken (NL) - Saskia Laroo (NL) - Funkubine (NL) - Dwayne Sodahberg (S) - DJ Gerald Belanger (Can) - Daemonia (I) - DJ Vincenco Binzi (I) - Katharina Bihler (D)

Luxemburg : Philharmonic Orchestra of Luxembourg - André Mergenthaler - Kalima - DJ Marino - DJ Michel Van Tune - Ionic - Veste - Alekc - Dr. Gonzo - DJ Riot - Miss Pitch - Franky de Reuter - Foolproof - DJ Bazooka - DJ Chook - DJ Radic - DJ No Side - Mad Mike - Zamrate - Sonic Attack Soundsystem - Anais Soundsystem - Monaural - Ede Wolf - Hidden - NazzNazz - LegoTrip – Lisa Berg - Nathalie Zlatnik - Patricia Lippert - Ren Schroeder - The’d Johans - Claude Frisoni - Gerard Claude - Guy Hary - Jemp Bastin

Institutions, Clubs, Bars & Festivals :

International: Electricity-Festival - « Lux » VeeJay-Preis - Kunstsilo - Kitu-Club - Hard-Wax Record-shop – Theater im Viertel TIV / Saarbrücken (D) --- Europäische Kunstakademie - AugenWald-Galerie / Trier (D) --- BIFFF/Belgian International Fantastic Film Festival / Brussels (B) – Freakstock festival (D) - Le Grand Festival / Verdun (F)

Luxembourg : Philharmony - Casino-Forum d’Art contemporain - Mudam - Rockhal - Kulturfabrik - e-lake festival/Echternach - LuxExpo - den Atelier - CCRN - Luxembourg & Grande Région-capitale européenne de la culturelle 2007 - Utopolis - Cinémathèque - Festival du film social - Radio ARA - Cercle municipal - Place Guillaume II - Galerie 19rouge - Greenpeace - Mono Record Shop - Urban-Bar - Marx-Bar - Melusina-Club - Pulp-Club - Mesa Verde - The Flying Dutchman - Louis Vuitton - Art in Beaufort - Festival Printemps Musical - Cinénygma/Luxembourg International Film Festival - Abraxas - Nuits des musées - Galerie Alimentation Générale - Théâtre Esch-sur-Alzette - OGBL – TNL – DanceXperience asbl

Commercial customers (video productions, live performances, consulting) :

Luxembourg: CK-Business Center - Ministère des Sports - LuxGSM - Cegedel - Ville de Luxembourg - Kulturfabrik - Croix Rouge luxembourgeoise - Stop Aids Now asbl - P&T Luxembourg - Price Waterhouse Coopers - Philharmonie - Luxlait - Théatre National de Luxembourg - Explorator City Guide - mke - Crédit agricole - Interact - Concept Factory - FPC/Fédération des professionels de la communication - Samsa-Film - Snow Bord Association - Accentaigu - Expo2000 Hanover - Caritas - PWC