July 22 2022

Put in a museum two choreographers, a dancer, a painter, two videographers and let infuse!

The Choreochroma project is a laboratory between different media and artistic vision, starting with the painting by the major Serbian modern artist Sava Šumanović, Luncheon on the Grass. Encouraged by the two European Capitals of Culture, Esch and Novi Sad, the collaborative project has developed into a project of cultural creation and exchange, exploring the links between performing arts and painting. So begins a multimedia research work, mixing dance, painting, video, music and photography, questioning their relationship to time and space, their respective differences and similarities, to allow a common form of expression to emerge. The public will be invited to participate in a multidimensional experience, a choreographic performance that is at the same time sensory, auditory and visual, inviting to explore with a contemporary perspective the works of historical heritage.
This project is created in partnership with The Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection
This project is also supported by Novi Sad 2022 and Esch 2022 European Capital of Culture, Focuna and the TROIS CL Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois

Choreography: Rhiannon Morgan and Giovanni Zazzera
Interpretation: Rhiannon Morgan, Gabriele Montaruli and Giovanni Zazzera
Painting: Chantal Maquet
Video: Melting Pol and Gilles Seyler
Music: Ljubomir Nikola
Photo © Guido Bosua

En Dessous Du Haut Fourn. A
Entrée Par Esch2022 Visitors Center
22.07 2022
23.07 2022
Melting Pol, Chantal Maquet, Rhiannon Morgan, Giovanni Zazzera, Gabriele Montaruli, Gilles Seyler